NewSound Aria Mini Digital Hearing Aid (BTE) - Open Fit NewSound Aria Mini Digital Hearing Aid (BTE) - Open Fit
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Description: Classification: Advanced Hearing Aid One of the smallest Behind the Ear Multi-Channel Digital Hearing Aids that you ever are going to see........... The ARIA 202 Digital Behind the Ear hearing aid redefines excellence in terms of design, performance, size and choice. With breakthrough new design, the ARIA Mini offers flexible control and optimal performance. Open Fit -Open fit hearing aids are very similar to behind-the-ear (BTE) devices. They are much smaller, though. The part that sits behind the ear (the case) is much smaller comparing to BTE and there is a tiny tube that connects this part to the ear canal. On the other end of the tube, it is connected to a very small tip that holds the tube in place inside the canal. No earmold is involved. The tip is made of a very soft material (silicon, mostly), and it keeps your ear ventilated. The whole design really reduces the occlusion effect you sometime get with regular earmold or with in-the-canal devices. Since the tip keeps the ear ventilated, it enables low frequency sounds to flow in and out the ear without being amplified. The open fit was originally designed for people with minor or moderate hearing loss on the high frequencies, and the low frequencies weren’t taken care of. Patients with this kind of hearing loss sometimes complain that on standard hearing aids, the lower tones are amplified for no reason (their hearing is perfectly fine for low tones!). Moreover, regular hearing aids, that seal the ear canal, make you hear your own voice, your chewing voices and coughing. In open fit it is solved because the low tones can “get loose” through the special tip, and they are not being amplified. The bottom line is that on open fit you can amplify only what you need (the high tones) and it keeps the ear ventilated and saves you the occlusion effect. Optimized DSP Hearing Aid Open Fit Design 2 Channels WDRC Multi Memory Amplifier Low Level Expansion Widebrand MPO Control Low Battery Warning Switch Tones Memory Switch Telecoil Function Special Volume Control Design Instruction Manual
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